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dirty tiles before cleaningnew looking tiles after a good clean
extremely dirty, abandoned bathroom before cleaningbathroom tiles after a good clean, the entire bathroom was also cleaned and tidied including the bath, walls and toilet

The Importance of Professional Tile Cleaning Medindie

We offer a professional tile cleaning service in Medindie. Ceramic materials are one of the most popular types of flooring for kitchens and bathrooms because, unlike other types of flooring, they don’t easily absorb dirt, grease and water. Therefore, the smooth and glossy surface of a tile floor is often an attractive feature, but they do have a weak spot: tiling can be quite a challenge to keep clean, particularly the grout lines where dirty and grime easily accumulate and can be inaccessible by simple cleaning methods. As a result, the tiny pores in the grout can allow debris and other contaminants to become caught beneath the surface, where it simply can’t be removed by standard mopping or scrubbing. These surfaces can become a breeding ground for mould and mildew, which overtime become unsightly black lines and can also be detrimental to your family’s health.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

The Process of Professional Tile Cleaning

When it comes to tile cleaning, Medindie has some experts who can make sure even the ground in dirt and grime are scoured away. This will leave your floor sparkling like new. Getting rid of all the dirt deep within the tiles and grout requires professional equipment and methods. Contact us to clean not just the surface, but reach down and pull out the dirt that’s sunk deep within. We will be able to bring the tiles back to their original shine and colour.

Our professional tile cleaning service uses solutions that will deep clean the tiles. As a result, they loosen up dirt, bacteria, and oils that have embedded themselves into the pores of the floor. Next, high pressure water is sprayed into those areas that are just impossible to get with a mop or a hand. The water is often heated, as well, as this makes the cleaning even more effective. Heat and high pressure water are often enough to do the job.

At the end of the process, the dirty water and any remaining dirt is vacuumed up, leaving the floor literally spotless.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Medindie

Sometimes, a professional tile cleaner will use sealant on the floor, which protects against both deep staining and mould. However, this is not a permanent solution. It should last a few years. Other professionals will offer a maintenance program, keeping the tiles looking clean, but not deep-cleaning on a daily basis. Both of these programs ensure deep cleaning will not be needed as often and save money over time.

Everyone knows tile floors will collect grime. It’s just a fact. Therefore, a professional tile cleaning is very important for anyone in Adelaide who has tile floors, whether it be a home or a business. It is the only way to keep a tile floor looking like new.

We have highly-trained floor cleaning professionals who can assess, clean and restore your tiles, concrete and other hard surfaces back to their original state. We use the latest equipment and a highly effective, multi-phase process. This removes the dirt, grime, oil and bacteria, and restores your floors to their brand-new sparkle.

Our tile cleaning method includes:

  • Application of a deep cleaning solution that loosens up the dirt, grime, oils, and bacteria
  • Contained high pressure water to penetrate the toughest areas
  • 80 degrees of heat
  • Vacuum process that removes the soil and dirty water off of your floors

Ask about our monthly maintenance program available to prevent continued build up.

Tile Cleaners Medindie – Customer Reviews

“Grant has been cleaning carpets at home and work for me for last 8 years – always an excellent job. I have particularly appreciated his fast response to emergency situations – nothing is too much trouble!”

Rating: 5/5 
Susan Shuttleworth – Google

“We have used this service on several occasions and have always found they provide excellent, efficient and friendly service at a reasonable price.”

Rating: 5/5 
24Garden – TrueLocal

“Thank you Grant for your professional and kind service. Exceptional service in difficult circumstances. Lounges and carpets look great. Can highly recommend.”

Rating: 5/5 
Guy Uren – Facebook

To read more of our customer’s feedback, visit our reviews page.

Frequently Asked Questions – Medindie Tile Cleaning

  • How long will it take for you to clean my tiles?

The process of tile cleaning is often a lengthy, so we make sure to give you a time frame. In all but the smallest and easiest locations, it will take several hours, due to the need to move furniture and other technical details involved in proper cleaning. Cleaning tiles is a less tedious job than carpet cleaning as it requires less drying time, meaning you’ll be back into your tiled areas faster.

  • Do all tile cleaners offer free quotes?

Not all services will offer this freebie. This can save you money during your search. You want to be as detailed, clear and honest as possible when requesting your quote, especially when the estimation is done online or over the phone, not through on-site consultation.

  • How much will it cost to get my tiles cleaned?

Price is an important thing, but it is not the most important thing. Because of this, the lowest offer is not necessarily the best. It is sometimes true that one gets what one pays for. The higher-priced tile cleaners are often that way because they do the best job. There are many factors to consider, including how much tiled space there is to clean. When calling for a rough estimate be honest about the condition of the your tiles and if there are any difficult to reach spots, such as stairs or any particular problem areas. This makes it more likely to get an accurate price.

For more of our frequently asked questions, go to our ‘Important Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaners’ page. 

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