domest carpet cleaning methods Adelaide
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Whether at home or in the office, a room stands out when it has a clean carpet. However, choosing a cleaning method can be a bit overwhelming because there are many different choices available. If you’re looking for Adelaide carpet cleaning services, you should understand the differences between the methods.

Household Carpet Cleaning

These are the methods one uses to clean their own home such as a regular vacuum or homemade chemical solution to lift stains. Vacuuming is very popular, but chemical stain removal can be done with commercially bought solutions or use of specific chemicals to remove stains.

Carpet cleaning methods Adelaide

While there are endless numbers of “home remedies” out there, besides running a vacuum, these methods are high risk and all require research and careful planning so that you don’t ruin your carpet. Also, a typical vacuum typically removes only surface debris.

Hot Water Extraction

“Steam cleaning”, or as carpet cleaners refer to it, “hot water extraction”, is a method by which hot water is shot into the carpet at high pressure and then quickly sucked back up. Carpets can be treated with a preconditioning solution, which can help lift larger stains.

When the hot water hits the carpet, it helps to loosen the dirt and debris. Additional chemicals may be mixed with the water to help more deeply clean the carpets. After cleaning, it can take 12-24 hours, depending on air flow, to allow the carpet to fully dry. This is seen as its main disadvantage.

Portable Versus Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning

This method of cleaning can be done with either portable units or a truck mounted system. Portable units are carried into your home and plugged in inside, whereas with truck mounted systems, a hose is brought in from the truck outside to inside your home. Portable units provide mobility, as they can be freely moved around. Truck mounted systems have the advantage of having more powerful equipment, which typically results in a deeper cleaning.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

This method’s main goal is to leave the customer with a floor that dries more quickly. Dry methods are growing bigger in commercial carpet cleaning because of this. These are all just low moisture versions of the hot water methods, and make use of other chemicals and specialized machinery to get the job done and carpet dried more quickly. Because they are specialized, these methods tend to be more expensive.

Similar to hot water extraction, chemicals are applied in the beginning that will help break up and dissolve films that prevent typical vacuums from removing the debris. These are then lifted up by a brushing mechanism that is typical with the dry method, which helps agitate and loosen the remaining dirt. The dry method has a very quick drying time.

The Best Method

So what is the best solution? It depends on your needs. If you don’t have the money to spend on professionals, then home remedies may be for you.

While dry cleaning methods mean that you can avoid extra drying time after a professional clean, it doesn’t provide the deepest clean possible. If you want reasonably priced and effective carpet cleaning in Adelaide, then you may want to go with the hot water extraction. Its main goal is to deeply clean the carpets, rather than quick drying. The truck mounted units are especially efficient and powerful, will remove stains, and won’t leave you with a ruined carpet or an expensive bill.