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Searching for flood damage Adelaide? You’ve found the right business. Burst pipes, leaking roofs and overflowing drains are usually unexpected but can reek havoc in homes and commercial buildings. Flood waters include soil, debris, dirt and other substances that can severely damage homes – especially their furnishings, floors, walls, rugs and carpets. Textiles used for carpeting and upholstery can hold water and moisture and quickly turn into breeding grounds for bacteria colonies, fungi and other illness inducing microbes. These micro organisms can cause ongoing damage to expensive furniture and carpets.

Carpet Water Damage Restoration


After-flood clean ups, particularly for rugs, carpets and upholstery, involve labour intensive, highly specialised procedures from Adelaide flood restoration services. Water damage cleanups are extremely technical and laborious in nature. Most of the damage is caused when water sits around. During this time, it can soak into floors, walls, structural wood, cabinets and ceiling drywall. This moisture weakens everything it touches, and the damage gets worse the longer the water is present. Depending on the extent of the damage, flooding restoration clean up can be a long and expensive process, but the faster we can remove the water and start our drying techniques, the less the damage will progress.

The first things to do if you experience a flooding are:

  • Turn of mains water immediately
  • Or try to fix the roof blockage or leak
  • DON’T PANIC !!!
  • Call professionals
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We have advanced equipment to ensure the rapid removal of excess water. Once all the surface water is removed, we will set up professional drying fan equipment to eliminate all of the remaining dampness. This is extremely important in mould control. Mildew, mould and other harmful bacteria can grow quickly, which is especially dangerous for people who are asthmatic, allergic or have difficulty breathing. Once the area is completely dry we can start with the professional carpet cleaning and any remaining restoration work.

High calibre carpet flood restoration technicians are qualified professionals who have acquired certified training in the use of the specialised techniques, carpet treatment and equipment used in the repairing and minimising of water damage due to floods, pipe bursts and plumbing leaks.

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Adelaide Carpet Flood Restoration Services: What To Expect

In order for expensive floor coverings, carpet and upholstered furniture that have been exposed to water damage to be effectively restored and preserved, the damage must be attended to immediately. A certified Adelaide specialist in flood restoration for carpets will provide some or all of these services:

1. Site Assessment: An expert will begin with an inspection of furniture, walls and floors to determine the extent of damage caused by flood water which has entered the home. This assessment is also to determine the kind of action that needs to be took as well as the range of solutions and tools that will be needed to restore affected materials.

Levels of moisture in furniture, walls, carpets and other adjacent surfaces are checked for an accurate assessment of how much water damage needs to be addressed. This step is also to determine whether flood restoration is feasible or if the insured homeowner should consider claiming it as a loss.

2. Water removal: Water must be extracted immediately from all affected rugs and carpets to halt further damage. It’s also necessary to remove the underlay and the flooring underneath to be exposed so it can be thoroughly dried, cleaned and repaired if necessary.

3. Application of an anti-microbial: Trapped moisture allows microbes such as spores, moulds, fungi and bacteria to develop and thrive in carpeting and underlay material. In order to maintain the fresh, clean quality of indoor air, an application of an anti-microbial solution is necessary to prevent microbe development.

4. Carpet Drying: For complete flood restoration, specialised high speed drying fans along with other dehumidifying equipment must be employed to thoroughly dry carpets and any wet/damp areas.

5. New Underlay Installation: In some flood situations and depending on the level of water damage, installing new underlay may be necessary before re-installation of the expertly cleaned and dried or new carpet.

Water and Flood Damaged Carpet Adelaide – Customer Reviews

“Highly recommend!! Thankyou Grant & Team you are exceptional at what you do would use you again”

Sharon Templeton

“We have used this service on several occasions and have always found they provide excellent, efficient and friendly service at a reasonable price.”

Rating: 5/5 
24Garden – TrueLocal

“Grant did a brilliant job. Very friendly and professional service.”

Rating: 5/5 
Luke Rickards – Google+

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Frequently Asked Questions – Adelaide Water Damaged Carpet

  • Do you provide emergency flood damage services?

Yes, all you have to do is give us a call on 0412 131 422. We understand that flooding is a horrible situation and it could ruin many things in regards to your home. We are only able to restore flooded and water damaged your carpet if we get to work straight away. Call us immediately and we will arrange for a technician to be sent to you as soon as possible.

  • What do I do to prepare for your technicians to come in after water damage to my carpet?

Please remove all furniture and try to reduce foot traffic to the area. We also recommend that you find the source of the water and try to stop it, so that we can properly rectify the situation.

  • At what stage will my carpet need to be replaced?

As carpet specialists we strive to successfully restore all carpets that have been damaged by water, however sometimes the damage is done and the cushioning underneath the carpet is fully saturated and unable to be restored. In this case we will work with you to provide the best plan to get your home fully carpeted again.

For more of our frequently asked questions, go to our ‘Important Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaners’ page. 

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