Searching for commercial carpet cleaning Adelaide? I Clean Carpets & Windows is a trusted name in commercial carpet cleaning in Adelaide. We look after the needs of a large range local businesses and organisations, including hotels, schools, display homes, ferries, offices and more. Some of our clients include Hilton International, The Chifley Hotel Group, Sealink Ferries, Sterling Homes, Adams Cleaning, Grange Golf Club, ISS Tempo and Phoenix Society.

commercial carpet cleaning adelaide

We provide a full range of commercial cleaning services:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Tile cleaning
  • Water damage restoration

Our team guarantees professional work, fantastic results and competitive pricing. Call us now on 0412 131 422 for a quote.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Adelaide Guide To Finding The Best Service

Dust mites, bacteria, debris and other allergens often build up in carpets and have a negative impact on people’s health. Such harmful substances can result in increased absenteeism among members of your staff and create a “sick building” atmosphere that repels customers. A regular carpet cleaning schedule can play a big part in preventing this problem.

commercial carpet cleaning adelaide

I Clean in the Hilton Ballroom

Periodic steam cleaning of your carpet can kill the majority of microorganisms that can make the people who work and come to your establishment ill. Pollen and other types of allergens will also be removed from your floor. The best way to get the most thorough cleaning you can is by employing the services of a company which specialises in commercial carpet cleaning. Adelaide businesses have a number of options in regards to quality carpet cleaning.

It can be difficult to find the right service since it is difficult to assess commercial carpet cleaning Adelaide services. When looking for a commercial carpet cleaning establishment, business owners can improve their chances of hiring a quality service with the following tips:

    • Check for the carpet cleaners’ professional credentials and certification. Be sure that not only the company owner but the people who will perform the actual cleaning of your carpet have the proper training. Carpet cleaners that are reliable are usually those with Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration credentials.
    • Know exactly what kind of services are provided by your choice of carpet cleaning company and the fees they charge for each. This will help prevent unexpected expenses from being added to your bill. Be certain that your establishment in is your carpet cleaners’ service area.
    • Ask other businesses which carpet cleaning services they use. Benefit from the trial and errors of other business owners by asking them about the carpet cleaning services they’d recommend.
    • Make sure the service you choose has the correct equipment. Their equipment and supplies should also be up to date.
commercial carpet cleaners Adelaide

All commercial carpet cleaning needs

  • Ask what their environmental policy is. Inquire about the chemicals that will be used to clean your carpet and conduct a Google search on them to determine if they are safe for people and the environment.
  • Shop around before making a decision. Each company has it’s own terms of service and pricing and by researching a range of companies, you’ll be better enabled to find the service which will best suite your company’s needs.

Nearly all businesses that utilize carpeting for their floors can benefit from employing commercial carpet cleaning. Adelaide businesses looking to hire carpet cleaners should carefully evaluate service providers before making a decision on which one to hire.