carpet flood drying fan hire adelaideAir movers help promote fast water evaporation, critical to successful carpet drying after extensive carpet flooding. Airmovers blow air across wet surfaces to speed up the drying process by creating a flat ribbon of air that increases the evaporation rate. This also helps to prevent mould growth and reduces the risk of additional moisture damage. Adding dehumidifiers and heaters promotes even faster drying when confronted with more extensive flooding from burst pipes.

We have a large number of Sahara Pro Dryers available for hire. Sahara Pro fans are easy to handle and operate and are very low-power consumers. The Sahara Pro Turbo Dryer is a lower amp, 3-speed air mover. It remains efficient when run at all three speeds, drawing just 3, 3.5, or 4 amps. The dryers are side stackable for versatile use and have an easy-grip handle for transport.

These drying fans are the best on the market and have the power and versatility for every water damage restoration, flood restoration, or building and home drying job.

Our carpet dryers feature:

  • Lower amp draw
  • Three speeds and four positions for versatility
  • SafeGrip carpet clamp
  • Easy-grip handle

We can supply for all drying jobs – large and small. Ask about our Special Pricing for multiple units.

Using carpet drying fans:
When drying in a building, place at least one fan per room or one for every 18 square meters. Place as many as needed for maximum airflow across all wet areas of the floor and ensure that all wet surfaces receive good airflow. We recommend opening interior doors to maintain good air circulation. It is essential to provide adequate dehumidification to help control mould growth.

Benefits of Drying Fan Hire

When it comes to water damage, speed is critical. Quick, efficient drying of affected areas is essential to prevent further damage and reduce the risk of mold growth. That’s where drying fan hire comes in. With powerful airflow and adjustable settings, these specialized fans can quickly and effectively dry out wet areas. And the benefits continue beyond there.
Drying fan hire is often more cost-effective than purchasing equipment outright. It allows you to get the job done without storage and maintenance. Plus, renting from a reputable company can get high-quality—well-maintained equipment to get the job done right. So if you’re facing water damage, don’t hesitate to explore the benefits of drying fan hire.