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We come across a lot of misconceptions that people have about carpet cleaning. Everyone agrees that carpet is an expensive investment, but it seems that few people know how to best preserve and protect that investment.

Here are six common carpet cleaning fallacies. Refuse to heed them, and your carpet will retain its beauty for years longer than it otherwise would:

1. Clean A Carpet Later Instead Of Sooner
We all know that the dirtier something gets, the harder it is to clean. What’s more, a dirty carpet wears out faster than a clean one. No matter how often you vacuum, ground-in dirt cuts into the fibres and shreds them. The longer you wait to have a carpet cleaned, the more damaged it becomes.

Problems occur when carpet cleaning is performed improperly. Residue and/or too much moisture in the carpet after cleaning traps soil in the fibres. While drying, trapped dirt rises to the surface, making the carpet look dingy and quickly attracting more dirt.

2. Carpet Cleaning Only Eliminates Dirt
The cleanliness of a carpet influences the air quality in a home; it directly impacts the health of everyone who lives there. Dirt is just one contaminant. Others include bacteria, pollen, mold, fungus and environmental pollutants like exhaust fumes. These pollutants can trigger allergies and aggravate conditions like asthma and emphysema.

3. Too Much Vacuuming Wears Out The Carpet
It’s not possible to harm a carpet by vacuuming unless it’s a cheap carpet that’s already falling apart. Rather than not vacuum it, you’d do better to replace it.

The real mistake is not vacuuming enough. Most carpet manufacturers recommend daily vacuuming. Air born contaminants from outside are carried into the house every day and settle directly on the carpet. Dead skin, animal hair, dust mites, dander and fleas can all be part of this unpleasant mix.

4. Carpet Stain Removal Products Save On Cleaning Costs
Be careful about so-called carpet stain removers. Most commercial products are very harsh and abrasive, designed to remove stains from motor oil to blood. These products can remove color along with stains. They can also harm carpet fibres.

Sprinkle-on deodorant powders are equally bad. The talcum powder they contain is not water soluble and builds up in the fibres, backing and pad. Contrary to marketing hype, only some of the powder goes into the vacuum. The rest remains in the carpeting.

These powders can be difficult to clean and remove. When mixed with water, they rise to the surface and leave white stains on the fibres. Whenever the carpet is cleaned, more powder surfaces and more stains appear. Sometimes, the only solution is to replace the carpet.

5. Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning Is As Good As Professional Cleaning
The opposite is true. Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines release ample water into the carpet but don’t remove it. The result is that the carpet doesn’t dry for several days. In the meantime, mold and mildew form and the backing deteriorates. A soapy residue remains on the surface that quickly attracts dirt. The result is a drab, dreary carpet that looks old before its time.

6. Dry Cleaning Is The Safest Way To Clean Carpets
This myth got started as a result of unprofessional carpet cleaning services where the carpet remained too wet after cleaning. As mentioned earlier, this leaves a dirty residue that quickly attracts more dirt. What’s more, many carpet dry cleaning services use water, so the process is not exactly dry. Dry cleaning can also leave a substantial residue on the carpet because no extraction process is involved.

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the carpet cleaning method of choice. However, the cleaning must be performed by a reputable Adelaide carpet cleaning company with a solid track record. Be careful about carpet cleaning companies that offer hot water extraction services at a bargain price. Remember: You only get what you pay for.