Urgent Carpet Cleaning for Nasty Stains

December 9, 2015

The last thing you need just before entertaining guests in your home, or having important visitors come to your business, is carpet stains. Despite this, stains often strike at the most inconvenient times which often require emergency carpet cleaning. Adelaide locals have the option to either handle the cleanup of the catastrophe on their own or choose to employ the services of the professionals in their area. Read more

Lengthening your Carpet’s Life in between Professional Carpet Cleanings

April 19, 2015

While it’s usually advisable to call professional carpet cleaners when a carpet has become really dirty or you’ve got a new stain from a recent spill, often home or business owners want to try to clean their carpet themselves to save time and money. You should always invest in some routine professional carpet cleaning, but if it is important to keep your carpets as clean as possible on a budget, here are some things not to do when it comes to do it yourself carpet cleaning. These tips can also make the job a bit easier (and less expensive) when you call us for a professional carpet clean. Read more