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When it comes to pollution, a great deal of information and efforts have been focused on outdoor pollution. But unknown to many people, pollution — specifically air pollution — can occur even in the safety of your own home.

Indoor pollution can be caused by a wide variety of factors including cooking, cleaning, heating and cooling, and even the use of carpets. And when you factor in the fact that a substantial number of people spend a majority of their days indoors, there is certainly a good cause for alarm.

Indoor pollutants can lead to several health problems. And among the most vulnerable to these are young children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems. Carpets, in particular, can serve as a magnet for a host biological pollutants which undermine indoor air quality and lead to health problems.

Biological pollutants refer to living organisms or their remains. These include pollen, bacteria, viruses, carpet mould, dust mites and animal dander or hair, feathers or skin remnants from household pests. It is important to note that even in a home that you would call spotlessly clean, these biological pollutants are still present. However, there are two crucial factors that come into play and which can compound the effects of these pollutants. These are the presence of moisture and the availability of nutrients.

Moisture, through the regulation of temperature, facilitates the growth of many of the aforementioned biological pollutants. But what exactly can you do to protect your family against these pollutants?

The first thing you need to do is to find the sources of moisture and nutrients that biological pollutants need to thrive. These include wood, appliances, heaters, washers, clothes dryers, carpets, bathrooms, basement, attics, gas stoves and dishwashers. From there, the next order of business is to control moisture and dust inside your home.

As for carpets, the expert carpet cleaners Adelaide locals trust advise homeowners to ensure that their carpets are clean and dry. Regular vacuuming can remove some biological pollutants as well as the materials they feed on. The best choice for a vacuum cleaner would be one with a central vacuuming system. However, if you want to use a push vacuum, opt for one with a high efficiency particulate arrestance filter.

Professional carpet steam cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning Adelaide property owners should avoid carpet cleaners which contain toxic ingredients. After a thorough wet cleaning, the carpet should be fully dried. Spills should be immediately cleaned to prevent both water damage and the growth of moulds.