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Carpets are meant to enhance the appearance of a room in your home or help muffle the sound of footsteps in an office. But while they certainly can be an indispensable addition to a space, homeowners and property managers should be aware that carpets and rugs require regular and thorough carpet cleaning. Adelaide locals must keep in mind that a clean carpet not only looks and smells great (and is more likely to have a longer lifespan) but can also provide a number of health benefits for the residents or occupants of the house or commercial space.


So how can an effective cleaning routine translate to good things for a person’s health?

The seasoned carpet cleaners Adelaide households and commercial organisations contact for their cleaning needs share these three major benefits:

1. Thorough carpet cleaning helps rid the space of harmful indoor air pollutants.

Compared to a bare floor that you can easily sweep dust and dirt off of, carpets trap pollutants that can harm people’s respiratory systems when there is regular and constant exposure to them. These pollutants include outdoor dirt, pet dander, toxic gases, and insect wastes. The mere act of walking over the carpet can stir up these pollutants and cause them to mix into the air that people breathe.

Using typical vacuuming practices and commonly available cleaning products may not be enough to rid carpets of these pollutants, so it’s best to contact an established cleaning company that has the high-powered equipment to remove as much of them as possible.

2. Cleaning services can help dramatically reduce the amount of dust mites living in carpets and upholstered furniture.

You may not even want to think about it because it gives you the creeps, but unfortunately, it’s true: You’re sharing your home with millions of dust mites, and a lot of them settle into your carpet and furnishings. Because these organisms are microscopic, as many as 100,000 of them can fit in approximately one square yard of carpeting — so you can imagine how many of them are surrounding you as you sit on your sofa and walk about your living room. And being living things, these dust mites also leave wastes behind — so that’s another pollutant in your home that you need to think about.

Dust mites feed on anything from the flakes of dead skin that people shed to the crumbs of food spilled onto the carpet, so it goes without saying that they will always be present in any home (especially a carpeted spot). But you can keep their numbers, and your risk of developing allergies, in control with regular and thorough carpet cleaning.

3. You can eradicate moulds and reduce the spore count in your space with professional carpet cleaning techniques.

As much as you wish to keep your carpet pristine, there is just too much going on that can cause it to become quite a minefield of germs. You spill milk or soda on the carpet. You eat sandwiches and chips while watching TV, and you brush the crumbs off your lap and off the sofa and onto the floor. You pick up leaves, grass, and soil from the garden in the soles of your shoes and track them all over the carpet. These organic wastes are all crushed up and embedded deep into the carpet fibres and become an inviting breeding ground for mould which can cause all kinds of illnesses. Deep pile cleansing performed by the experts can help reduce and remove the mould and spores from your carpet.