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Carpet is a classic flooring favourite among homeowners because of the many advantages it brings. A well-chosen carpet adds impact and style to your interiors. Its fibres trap dust and allergens in the air, improving indoor air quality. For households with small children and elderly members, a carpet is a natural choice as its anti-slip feature prevents accidents. If slips should happen, the soft padding of quality carpet softens the fall and minimises injuries. Another benefit of investing in carpet flooring is noise reduction. Your carpet can absorb sounds from the street, electronics and appliances, and even human voices, making your home a more relaxing space.

Dirty carpet
Proper maintenance will keep your carpet in good condition for a long time. Professional Adelaide carpet cleaning, experts say, should be an important component of your carpet maintenance system. While it’s good to employ regular cleaning methods such as vacuuming, these may not completely get rid of the dirt stuck between the fibres. Only a deep clean implemented by professionals will ensure that your carpet stays clean, sanitised and safe for your family.

A dirty carpet can bring the following dangers and disadvantages to your home:
It leads to serious health problems. Several conditions that threaten your family’s health can be caused by a dirty carpet. Dust, pollen, allergens and foreign particles can trigger respiratory infections and allergies. Skin infection and irritation can happen when skin comes into contact with disease-causing fungi and microbes. The presence of mould can release toxins in the air which can cause various problems, ranging from coughs and colds to asthma to neurotoxicity to cancer.

It releases unpleasant, embarrassing and musky odours in the home. A dirty carpet can harbour unpleasant odours that are so noticeable and can be hard to get rid of, even if you use all kinds of air fresheners and deodorisers. The smell can stick to walls and ceilings and especially to surfaces that absorb odour easily, such as sofa covers, leather furnishings, curtains, and even the clothes in your closet.

It makes surroundings look untidy and unkempt. Your carpet is one of the most noticeable fixtures in your home, especially if it occupies a large area. No matter how much you clean around the house, you can’t disguise dirt that’s lurking in your carpet. A dingy carpet can completely ruin the look and design of your interiors. Moreover, the dirt and debris trapped in your carpet can attract insects, rodents and other pests that can wreak havoc and bring disease to your home.

It brings premature damage that requires costly repairs or replacements. The longer the dirt accumulates between the fibres of your carpet, the harder it is to get rid of it. Without proper cleaning methods done by professional carpet cleaners Adelaide experts warn that the carpet material will gradually disintegrate or become weighed down by dirt. A good, thorough cleaning done regularly refreshes the fibres and makes the carpet look brand new for a longer time.