Urgent Carpet Cleaning for Nasty Stains

December 9, 2015

The last thing you need just before entertaining guests in your home, or having important visitors come to your business, is carpet stains. Despite this, stains often strike at the most inconvenient times which often require emergency carpet cleaning. Adelaide locals have the option to either handle the cleanup of the catastrophe on their own or choose to employ the services of the professionals in their area. Read more

Why Invest in Carpet Cleaning – Adelaide Experts Warn Against the Dangers of a Dirty Carpet

October 26, 2015

Carpet is a classic flooring favourite among homeowners because of the many advantages it brings. A well-chosen carpet adds impact and style to your interiors. Its fibres trap dust and allergens in the air, improving indoor air quality. For households with small children and elderly members, a carpet is a natural choice as its anti-slip feature prevents accidents. If slips should happen, the soft padding of quality carpet softens the fall and minimises injuries. Another benefit of investing in carpet flooring is noise reduction. Your carpet can absorb sounds from the street, electronics and appliances, and even human voices, making your home a more relaxing space. Read more

Six Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

April 19, 2015

We come across a lot of misconceptions that people have about carpet cleaning. Everyone agrees that carpet is an expensive investment, but it seems that few people know how to best preserve and protect that investment.

Here are six common carpet cleaning fallacies. Refuse to heed them, and your carpet will retain its beauty for years longer than it otherwise would: Read more

A Must-Know for Adelaide Businesses: Investing in Commercial Carpet Cleaning

May 25, 2014

Presentation is an important part of any business, and this includes the appearance of a businesses showroom, office or reception areas. It’s a given that the furniture will be cleaned, that someone will wash the windows, that the uncarpeted floors will be swept and mopped. Carpets are a bit more difficult to deal with, but it is just as imperative that these look clean. Professional carpet cleaning should be a part of every business’s budget. When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning Adelaide has a number of options to keep a carpet looking like the day it was laid down. Read more